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Fragnetics is proud to announce that we are partnering with EA DICE again in their latest installment of the Battlefield series to provide server rentals.

BF3 Dedicated Server Pricing information is now available here.
The much-awaited sequel to Crysis goes live on Fragnetics, with public servers for all modes of play! For those who want their own space online, each 16-player Crysis 2 server costs just S$60 each month.
Electronic Arts and Fragnetics is running an online competition for the award-winning Battlefield : Bad Company 2 PC title. For 4-6 weeks starting from Mid July, cyber squads and heroes will engage in intensive combat to gun for attractive prizes!

Don't own a copy of Battlefield Bad Company 2 (PC) yet? Visit the microsite for more details on how to get a 15% discount!
Medal of Honor (2010) is a reboot of the series, set in modern-day Afghanistan during the 2001 War in Afghanistan. Medal of Honor's multiplayer will use DICE's award winning Frostbite engine.

Fragnetics will be launching official MOH beta ranked servers after the next server browser update. Stay Tuned!
Fragnetics has partnered Electronic Arts once again to bring regional gamers official Battlefield : Bad Company 2 ranked servers!

We're running a whopping 22 ranked BF:BC2 servers (with assorted gamemodes) for your fragging pleasures! A few individuals/communities have also contacted and rented our ranked servers. Meanwhile while you are not playing, you should also check out our BF:BC2 Forums.

How to connect to our servers: Select "Asia" as the Region in the Server Browser. We're the ones with the lowest pings!

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